Guided Walk: 13 Feb 2011

On Sunday we did our first guided walk on the site, led by Community Archaeologist Chris Atkinson. Despite the bad weather 36 people came and were guided around the National Trust portion of the hill fort.  It was too muddy to walk the foot paths.  Despite this, we heard from Chris where he thinks our archaeological work will be most productive.  He also mentioned the conservation work that was needed.

Jeremy Milln, representing the National Trust, said that there was a plan on his desk to create a new access point with a sloping path that would lead to a new gate in the fence at the top of the monument.  Jeremy mentioned that National Trust Rangers will be clearing scrub on 16th and 23rd March at the site.  He also said that they were looking into providing a sounder base for the footpath on their property on the river side.

The walk lasted about 1.5 hours, the comments were that it was a brilliant afternoon and those in attendance enjoyed it very much and learned a lot.

Eaton Camp Historical Society

supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund

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One Response to Guided Walk: 13 Feb 2011

  1. Elen Sentier says:

    One of the comments we received from the walk …

    Dear Nancy

    Thank you for organizing the walk on Sunday. Chris’s talk brought the Camp to life, it was fascinating to look at the land through his eyes. It was interesting to walk over land so close to our cottage that I’d not walked on before and to see how different a perspective it gave to the surrounding area in the light of its possible history. It was well worth the journey to come for it; I began to catch a vision of what this project could open up. I wish you well as the initial investigations get under way.

    With best wishes

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