Wednesday 16th Feb 2011 – Walkover Survey

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We had our first day of archaeological work at Eaton Camp today, two sessions of 3 hours each from 9:00am – 12:00 noon and 1:00pm–4:00pm. We worked in pairs after Chris Atkinson gave us some training in how to do it and what we’re looking.

The morning walkover was in the wonderful sunshine but the afternoon was cloudier. There were six of us, and everyone said it was great fun. Those involved found it fun and very worthwhile as we discovered many apparent features in the ground that one easily walks over without noticing under normal circumstances – areas where there might be evidence of habitation. We also documented areas of erosion of particular concern, and the badger sets, as part of our conservation efforts.  The sunshine in the morning helped throw shadows on many of the bumps and depressions we explored, and it certainly felt good on our backs.

The next walkover is on Sunday 20th Feb, again in two sessions, the first from 09.00-12.00 the second from 13.00-16.00. If you’d like to join contact Nancy Saldana to see if there’s a place.

Eaton Camp Historical Society

supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund

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