Steps to the National Trust part of the site ?

Eaton Camp and Iain Carter proposed access

Here is where the National Trust hopes to make a new and good access onto their part of the site … the major part of Eaton Camp. At present, it’s quite impossible, as you can see, however it does look very possible and not too difficult or expensive to create. Jeremy Miln has put out a request for views on whether to do steps or a slope at this point to get access onto the hill-fort.

Idea of how steps might be ...

Jeremy and Iain Carter (pictured here close to where this access is proposed to go) rather thought a slope angled sideways would make it as gentle as possible. Jeremy is consideringdoing both steps – with a railing – and a gently sloped path up to the top. The sloped path would be much longer than the space shown here and make the site possible for people with electric wheelchairs and even those with push-wheelchairs. Here is an idea of how it might be with steps.

Jeremy needs to design a scheme which is both affordable and not going to damage the monument.  What do you think? Please comment …

Eaton Camp Historical Society

supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund

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