Site Walkover: Sunday 20/2/2011

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The rain on Saturday made walking on the hill fort very slippery and difficult.  However, we soldiered on in true British fashion, and were able to complete a good portion of the survey by taking the existing foot path from the lane to Tuck Mill, over the stile, and upwards to the top of the site.  The path itself has been cleared significantly, but there are still some difficult parts on the slope when its very wet.

We noted significant areas where there was quarrying of the stone that is a prominent feature of the soil in the area.  The stone is often well rounded, indicating that it may well be the product of glaciation.  The quarrying is thought to have taken place in the late 1700’s/ during the 1800’s.  It is one of the things we will try to date.  Local knowledge says it was during the 19th century.  The hillside has apparent tracks edged into it that seem to be related to moving the extracted stone down the hillside.  They appear like ramps, with a manageable gradient.  Other features that were noted were a number of holes made by badgers and perhaps other animals.  One interesting one was almost cave-like under the root system of a large tree.

There is a great deal of scrub that needs clearing.  Apparently, the electricity people will be clearing 18 trees from the property of Mr and Mrs Youard on 2nd and 9th March.  We will have to make sure they clear the foot path beneath the area where they will be doing tree removal very well. At the end of the session, we had time to go onto the hill fort itself to review all the features recorded during the week.

Wednesday, we’ll be doing walkover on landowner property surrounding the hill fort where we’ve received permission to do so.

Russell and Stewart Clark worked with Chris in the afternoon session.

Nancy Saldana (ECHS Chair)

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