Walkover 23 Feb 2011

This morning’s session began the general walkover of the portion of the hill fort owned privately, and to which we have been given permission to conduct our research. John Stroud, Andrew Lifely, Nancy Saldana and Chris Atkinson participated.  Andrew volunteered to do the recording and showed great talent in drawing schematics of features.

We covered 4 of 6 properties during the session.  At Hill Fort House we could see possible evidence of a track and rampart which were part of an entrance.  This was despite the considerable earth movement that was done many years ago to provide a paved parking area in front of the garage.  We were also able to follow what appears to be a corner of the rampart.  As we moved to the back garden, we found under a hedge what we think is the very top of very impressive earthworks.

As we continued to other properties, Chris Atkinson pointed out where the slope of the rampart had most likely been smoothed to permit planting of orchards, or terraced for the same purpose.  Because of this, it is difficult to follow the line of the rampart completely.  At Dinas Cottage we saw clear evidence of the top rampart and possibly a ditch and second rampart.  We also documented an interesting oblong “bump” and had fun speculating what it might be.  For now, we decided to call it “Andrew’s Tump”.

Tony McVeigh, Patrick Myles and Frances Jones joined Chris Atkinson and Nancy Saldana for the afternoon session.  We were unable to gain access to Tresillian as no one was home, and the dogs were loose.  We’ll try again on Sunday.

We quickly surveyed River View, and then decided to walk along the footpath on the north side of the promontory.

Nancy Saldana  saldana100@aol.com

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