Detailed Survey: 9 Mar 2011

Today’s work continues the detailed survey of Eaton Camp.  The morning session completed mapping of the lower field and all its features. The afternoon crew began work on the top field from its highest point, “Andrew’s Tump”.  It’s been given this name because Volunteer Andrew Lifely is completely enamored by this apparently man-made hill.  In the past members of the Woolhope Society who visited Eaton Camp surmised it was the remains of a medieval castle.  If so, Chris Atkinson has suggested it may have been a castle made of wood rather than the more familiar stone structure complete with moat and drawbridge.  The secret of “Andrew’s Tump” is one of the more tantalising aspects of the hill fort to be revealed by further investigation.

Eaton Camp Historical Society

supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund

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