I’m late !!!

Apologies for the lateness of posting these updates to the work at Eaton Camp. I was away on holiday on Exmoor and have only just got back. Life moves apace while I was away, we begin the geophys work on Sunday! The plotting is now all done and will give us a really good idea of what is there … looking forward to seeing it in April.

And … don’t forget the AGM! It’s on 21st April  …

Eaton Camp Historical Society AGM 2011

21st April 2011
Eaton Bishop Village Hall


 Welcome
 Election of Steering Committee and Officers
 Annual Report of Activities
 Financial Report
 Resolutions
 Any Other Business.

We are looking to add members to the Steering Committee from the General Membership. Nominations are welcome but must be submitted in advance to the Chairperson. If you have any issues or resolutions you wish to raise, please submit these also in advance to the Chairperson, Nancy Saldana at Saldana100@aol.com or phone 01981-251285.
Come and hear how your local archaeology project is progressing. Learn more about how you can be involved in the next exciting phases.


Eaton Camp Historical Society

supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund

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