27/03/2011 – first Geophys day

Mandy holds a corner of the grid

We’ve gotten there!  Today we began the last phase of our non-invasive work – geophysics.  I missed the laying out of the two 20 x 20 metre grids in the morning because I forgot to set my alarm an hour ahead.  Never mind.  Chris’ well-oiled crew of Anny and Paul Konig and Ian White and Mandy Green went ahead without me. By the time I arrived, Paul was well into the first grid, moving the resitivity metre slowly but surely, measuring approximately a square metre with each step.

Amazingly, Paul compulsively continued step by step all morning, never veering from his job.  At the end of each measured 20 metre long swathe, Paul waited for the beep, beep from the device to tell him it had registered another row.  Then onward he went.  It took two people to stop him at the end of the final row – his compulsion to reveal the secrets of Eaton Camp driving him ever onward.

The afternoon crew, including Russel and Stewart Clark, began measurement of the grids in areas we hope will reveal the site of a house and possibly a midden or Iron Age garbage dump.

Nancy Saldana

Eaton Camp Historical Society

supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund

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