More Geophys

Paul doing his "Sherpa Tensing" act

Paul and I managed the clocks going forward to arrive at the Camp in time to meet Chris, along with Mandy and Ian. There was a mass of gear to hike up the hill, survey kit, the geophys gear, ropes, tape measures, pegs, Chris’ laptop, and a great heavy case with the electronics for the geophys and a big roll of yellow cable to connect the geophys to the ground. Everyone grabbed some gear and we set off up the hill.

It works like this ...

Chris set up the table with the survey map and we decided which part of the lower hill to mark out for the grid. We chose the portion with the most survey activity which suggests a possible path coming down from the summit to the promontory overlooking the Wye. Next thing was to set up two 20x20m squares to survey. Then chris showed us how the geophys kit works.

Bite the wire! Bite the wire!

Paul and Ian made a great team walking the whole 40x20m grid solidly. Mandy, Nancy, Chris and me moved the two lengths of rope that marked off the lines for Paul and Ian to walk. Again Chris called us his well-oiled team J. We got some extra help when Mandy nipped back home to bring a flask of coffee … and Jess, the black Lab, who took on the role of foreman and checked we got the lines straight and that Paul took all the right readings.

We trust he'll be able to walk unaided soon ... LOL !!!

We had a laugh withe the walking … Paul plodding diligently on, Ian guiding the wire, row after row after row.

Ian studies the flora ...

Little flowers in grass - what are they?

Ian spotted a lovely little flower in the grass but we couldn’t work out what it is … any ideas anyone?

Doing all this survey work is very good fun, helps us get to know each other better as well as find out more about our ancient past.

Elen Sentier & Mandy Green chatting

Chris thinks he's got the download working


Elen Sentier

Eaton Camp Historical Society

supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund

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