EBHS AGM took place on 28 April 2011: there were 16 members in attendance.

Nancy Saldana gave the financial report in Becky Wall’s absence.  The Society had income of £14,315.00 and expenditures of £52.50 plus another £454.44 in cheques paid but not cashed before the completion of the balance sheet. The total remaining balance was £13,080.26 at the time of the AGM.

Richard Youard was Honorary President for the day and represented by his wife, Felicity who called for nominations and seconds for the new Steering Committee.

Last year’s Steering Committee members were re-elected and two new members were added – Clive Rowan and Kathee Coonerty.  Kathee was appointed Secretary.

The Steering Committee now comprises …

  • Chairperson – Nancy Saldana
  • Vice-Chairperson – Caroline Hanks
  • Secretary – Kathee Coonerty
  • Treasurer – Becky Wall
  • Publicity/Art Director – Anny König
  • Parish Council Rep – Andrew Lifely
  • Members – Dr. Richard Warner, Eddie Nowosielski, Clive Rowan

The resolution allowing the ECHS to assess a membership fee was approved unanimously, as was a proposal to have ArchaeoPhysica Ltd perform magnetometry in order to complete our geophysics investigations.

Eaton Camp Historical Society

supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund

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