ArchaeoPhysica Magnetometry of Eaton Camp

There will be an opportunity for more involvement of volunteers and other interested peopIe in late June. I met with Ann and Martin Roseveare of ArchaeoPhysica today to discuss their proposal for cesium magnetometry of Eaton Camp.

After approval of the ECHS Steering Committee for the expenditure and consultation with Community Archaeologist Chris Atkinson, we agreed their scope of work would include part of the property at Dinas Cottage and the National Trust property directly below the hill fort. ArchaeoPhysica’s plan is to submit a license request to English Heritage and the National Trust as soon as possible.  If all goes well, they expect to conduct their survey at the end of June.

Volunteers will be needed to help with getting their equipment on site, so we’ll let you know the exact date in advance.  Martin and Ann have also agreed to give a short talk on how their equipment works and other aspects of geophysics at a specified time on the day they’re working on site. Hopefully, students from the Sixth Form College and others who are interested can join us. So, again, we’ll let you know where and when.

ArchaeoPhysica’s findings will take into account not only the results of their own work, but also analysis of our resistivity studies and LIDAR images.  This should give us as detailed an idea as possible of where we want to excavate.

Nancy Saldana

Eaton Camp Historical Society

supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund

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