Exciting news …

Exciting things are happening at Eaton Camp! Firstly, the National Trust has received permission from the Secretary of State to construct a stair from the footpath to the top of the hill fort on the Cage Brook side. Eaton Camp Historical Society members originally suggested the structure to improve access, and have had input into its design There will be a handrail and a self-closing gate at the top. This will bring visitors out onto the fort’s interior, close to the highest point with its spectacular views across to Credenhill, Gannons, and even the Malverns. Volunteers to help construct the stairs will be welcome. Stay tuned for information on when construction will begin.

The second exciting thing is that Chris Atkinson, Community Archaeologist, is about half-way through writing his report of the initial phases of our project. He’s had a chance to look at the results of our resistivity studies and LIDAR, and has identified at least two interesting features. One is a circle typical of locations of Iron Age round houses. The second is a ditch where material was taken for the ramparts. Ditches often contain interesting archaeological material that can help in dating construction. Chris is detailing our map of the site and producing overlays with this additional information. We can expect to see this soon. We hope that there will be other findings and confirmation of our resistivity results when ArchaeoPhysica does its magnetometry study. They are applying this week for license from English Heritage and the Secretary of State. I’ll keep you posted of when this will begin.

Finally, enthusiastic Steering Committee Member and volunteer, Andrew Lifely, has been scouring the book shops for history books with mention of Eaton Camp. He’s found some and will document this so we can include it in our history of the site and surrounding area. I hope more of you out there will do the same. Every scrap of information will be important in helping us do a thorough historical study.

Best regards,

Nancy Saldana: Chairperson,

Eaton Camp Historical Society

supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund

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