Public Meeting

view from hillfort across the Wye: Jan 2011

We had an excellent meeting at Eaton Bishop village hall tonight. Chris Atkinson gave a presentation on the work we’ve been doing over the past 9 months and what it has potentially shown us. There are several places that look as though they may be worth digging – possibly pits, middens, round-house platforms – that show up on our walkovers, surveys, LiDAR and geophys.

After Chris’ talk, I gave a short slide presentation on all the work we’ve done and fun we’ve had as volunteers learning how to do archaeology and discovering about our home and its history. Then we all had tea and cake and chatted together about everything.

We intend to put on bi-monthly talks and events during 2012, possibly beginning with what would be a marvellous talk by Blanche Parry – if we can get her to come – on Iron Age Hillforts in Herefordshire. She’s given it to Longtown Historical Society, our treasurer Cilve Rowan heard it and says it was fascinating.

Other potential subjects for talks and events are …

  • Maps
  • Geophys
  • Iron Age Weaving
  • Flint Knapping
  • Bronze Age swords
  • Iron Age Blacksmithing
  • Roman cookery
  • Ancient Orchards
  • Pre-Roman Farm Animals

If you have ideas we’d love to hear them: we’d also like to know which of the above you like best to help us plan.  You can leave your comments here or contact Nancy, Elen or Clive with your suggestions.

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