Latest Geophys … 23/1/12

Today the professional geophysics company ArchaeoPhysica began the repeat resistance study of Eaton Camp. The reason the study is being redone is two-fold.  The original study by our volunteers during the dry months of last year was unsuccessful. This was due to equipment failure and lack of sufficient moisture in the soil to properly conduct the electric current of the resistance meter. When this type of failure occurs, English Heritage advises that a resistance study should be redone. This is because the studies constitute an important part of their evaluation of requests for permission to excavate a scheduled monument (See English Heritage guidance “Geophysical Survey in Archaeological Field Evaluation” available as a free download from their website).  The guidance also recommends that resistance studies should be done after magnetometry. This allows the resistance study grids to be focussed on areas of interest identified by magnetometry.  The two studies together provide comprehensive information as each geophysical method complements the other in what it can reveal.  Our current study is based on the findings of magnetometry carried out at Eaton Camp after our original resistance survey.

Once the geophysics are completed, Senior Staff of Herefordshire Archaeology will walk the monument to get a physical feel for the potential excavation sites identified through the studies. The Eaton Camp Historical Society Steering Committee will then meet to decide our excavation plan, taking into account the advice of Herefordshire Archaeology. Finally, our excavation plan will be prepared by our Herefordshire Archaeology Site Director, Peter Dorling, for submission to the Secretary of State through English Heritage.  If all goes well, we hope to receive permission within a few months after that.

Nancy Saldana

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