We have archaeology !!!

“We have archaeology!  On the second day of our dig, with the help of our able volunteers, we were able to reach the surface below ploughed soil of our trench no. 1..  The surface revealed a pit and a piece of pottery.  In addition, and most importantly, we were able to determine the sides of the ditch we were looking for.  It’s possible we may not be at the terminal end of the ditch, as we originally planned, but we believe we’re very close to it.  In any event, we are hopefull we will at least be able to date the earth feature.

The work is going slowly and very carefully.  The recent rains have made scraping away the layers of soil with our trowels much easier than when the soil is completely dry as it was last summer. Tomorrow we plan to take the turf off our second trench with the help of the able young volunteers who are coming.  We hope to be as lucky with this trench as we have been with the first in quickly finding the feature we’re looking for.”

Just thought I’d mention it, there has been farming on Eaton Camp since the Middle Ages.  There was farming during WW!!, and prior to that, there is some evidence that it was steam plowed in the 1800’s.  The plough soil is quite deep as we found today, so possibly steam plowed.


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