Day 3 Results

We’ve just finished our third day of excavations and found significant archaeology.

The volunteers in Trench 1 continued to move slowly down into the subsoil, defining more clearly the ditch we identified on day 2; this is shown by the soil on either side of the ditch which is grittier than the clay of the ditch fill.  As they dug down, they found several small pieces of prehistoric pottery in situ in the subsoil; these will need to be identified by a pottery expert in order to date them.  On one side of the ditch an area filled with set stones was uncovered whose significance is not yet clear. We also uncovered burnt rocks and charcoal in the actual ditch.

duck-stamped pottery fragment

We opened Trench 2 today and, before all the plough-soil was removed, dug three test pits to see how deep the undisturbed soil layer is; the pits revealed duck stamped pottery from the early to mid-Iron Age. It certainly looks like we’ve put our trenches where they should be with the help of ArchaeoPhysica and Herefordshire Archaeology.

Looking forward to seeing what tomorrow brings!

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