Day 4 …

The beautiful sunshine of the morning was replaced with intermittent showers, chilling winds and a dose of hail; many thanks to our excellent volunteers and Herefordshire Archaeology who tirelessly dug through the heavy clay of Trench 1 in adverse conditions. And, overnight, the cows who pasture on the National Trust property had a party at Trench 2 … they knocked down the carefully stacked turves, rummaged through the soil spoil heap and danced their way over the excavations! The area had been fenced off but not, unfortunately, with electric fencing. None of the cows were hurt and as we had not yet removed the plough soil layer from the site no damage was done to archaeology. The area is now electrically fenced so the cows won’t be exploring our excavations again, we hope.

Despite this, good progress was made in Trench 1. The sides of the ditch are now down to the subsoil base and the ditch fill too has been removed down to the bottom of the pit. Many rocks, charcoal and even slabs of stone were taken out of the trench but no pottery or dateable material was found today … that’s archaeology!

We’ll see what the next day brings.

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