Day 6 dig

Stratification labelling of the soil levels

Today was a completely different story from yesterday.  It was overcast, which is much better for an archaeology dig as the different colours of the soil layers are easier to see than on a sunny day.  Work continued at the deep north end of our trench as the layers of stone and clay were slowly removed.  The rewards of our work are finally appearing.

Removing the animal horn

An animal horn was found.  It appears to have been purposely cut from the skull and deposited at the site.

Piece of pottery

Not long after, a good-sized piece of pottery was uncovered.  These will need to be analysed by experts before we can say how old they are.  But they are the kind of finds that will help date our ditch.  So it seems that all the hard work of Peter Dorling and David Williams, our Herefordshire Archaeology Advisors, and our volunteers is beginning to pay off.  We hope that tomorrow will bring more exciting surprises.

Late in the afternoon Mark Howarth arrived with his JCB to help remove the plough soil from Trench 2.  This important contribution to the project will save many back-breaking hours of removing the plough soil.  Mark has also offered to help back-fill the trenches when we’ve finished our work.  Many thanks, Mark, for your help.

Mark arriving with the digger

Mark clearing the topsoil

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