Day 8

Today was an amazing day for all involved in both Trench 1 and Trench 2.  There were significant finds in both locations.  You never know from one trowel scrape to the next what you’ll find.  In Trench 1 we’re opening up more of the bottom layer and have discovered there may be another feature beyond the green “swimming pool” liner at the end of our trench. (So tantalising) We’ve also found what looks like a piece of stone jewelry.  In Trench 2, we’ve now uncovered indications of a number of aspects of Iron Age life:  charcoal; burnt bone; pottery with a number of different design patterns; a small iron rod that looks from its size and flattened end like it could have been used to clean nails. or perhaps it represents the Iron Age money equivalent of one pence; fire cracked stones that may have been used in cooking; and even a flake of flint.  (Where oh where are real flint implements at Eaton Camp?)  None of us working hard at the excavations can wait to see what tomorrow brings.

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