Day 11

With the cooler overcast weather of the morning, we were able to make good progress in Trench 2.  The natural glacial till rocks of the sides of the ditch were further defined and a layer of fine dark clay fill  with few stones was removed. There was excitement when a large animal bone was discovered in good condition.  There may also be some skull bone.  Most interesting was a layer under the clay that looks like vanilla ice cream with a caramel swirl.  No one has seen anything like it elsewhere. Tomorrow an expert will take soil samples in both Trenches, and we may learn more about this feature. There were a number of local visitors to the site today as well as 3 staff members of Herefordshire Archaeology who were interested in how our work was progressing.  We hope to complete digging of Trench 2 tomorrow so that drawing and measurements can be done.

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