Day 9

The sunshine and summer weather were beautiful at Eaton Camp today, but made working in our trenches very hot.  Nevertheless, our volunteers again did splendid work.  In Trench 1, the area revealing the bottom of the pit was expanded in an effort to determine just how the ditch was used.  One interpretation is that a very big tree post was set upright in the ditch.  It appears there is evidence this was done at other archaeological sites.  Perhaps a door was attached to it, or it served as part of a palisade.  Tomorrow’s another day and thoughts may change.

In Trench 2, the layers were slowly taken down as we continued to look for the edge of the ditch.  The very obvious ditch fill continued to reveal a wealth of pottery, bone, charcoal and heat split stones.  We are beginning to get a picture that things may have been thrown into the ditch from a cooking preparation area close by.  Over the next few days, things will hopefully become clearer as we work to reach the ditch bottom.

We were visited today by representatives of English Heritage, including the Monument Inspector, Scientific Officer, and our local representative.  They were very helpful in giving their thoughts on interpretation of what we are finding, and encouraged us to begin working on a conservation plan for the site as soon as possible.  That will be an important activity for the Eaton Camp Historical Society and members of the local community as well as the National Trust and English Heritage. Herefordshire Archaeology will also be a key participant.


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