Day 12

The excavation work of our volunteers is done now with the exception of putting the turf back after backfilling.  That will take place next week.

Today’s work by our professional archaeologists from Herefordshire Archaeology consisted of completing the stratigraphic analysis, drawing, and measuring, and contemplating the interpretation of what we’ve found. It was extremely hot and exhausting work for them in both trenches.  They were joined by an expert on analysing the environment from soil samples.  He studied the stratigraphy of both our trenches, and found Trench 2 particularly interesting.  While it will take some time for his official report, he mentioned there were indications in Trench 1 of steam plowing. This is something we had thought was a possibility.

In Trench 2 he felt there had been standing water in the ditch for a period of time after it had been opened.  This resulted in the interesting coloured layers of sediment we found as rains washed soil into the dtich and it settled in the bottom.  It also appears that a river with strong current ran over that part of the hill fort depositing rounded stone cobbles. This would have been a very long time ago given the height of the hill fort above the current course of the River Wye.  We are excited to learn more about this as it gives a much wider perspective of the place of Eaton Camp in the history of Herefordshire.

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