End of the dig …

some of our super volunteers

It was an unexpectedly sad moment for me to see our work in Trenches 1 and 2 backfilled.  The days we spent carefully working through layers of time resulted in a sense of intimacy with the people who lived and worked at Eaton Camp thousands of years ago.  Now the archaeology is gone and what we saw may never be revealed again in situ.  But my sense of loss was mitigated by the enjoyment of working with dedicated volunteers under excellent professional guidance.  It was truly a team effort, filled with sweat and good humour.  A great big THANK YOU from the Eaton Camp Historical Society to all who participated.  The results indicate we found a very rich site with much to reveal about the Iron Age.  Let’s hope we have an opportunity to do even more archaeological research here in the future!

If you missed the opportunity to visit our excavations, you can learn more about the site during a guided walk of Eaton Camp on 15th July 2012.  It will leave at 2:00pm from the Eaton Bishop Village Hall.  Refreshments will be available afterwards at Tuck Mill.   Our findings and many of the artefacts we found will also be presented by Supervising Archaeologist Peter Dorling at a public meeting on 24th October 2012 at the Eaton Bishop Village Hall at 7:30pm.  Please join us for both these events.

Nancy Saldana
Eaton Camp Historical Society

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