Second Eaton Camp Dig Gets Underway

The second dig at Eaton Camp got underway as planned on the 10th of June.  Three trenches were opened.  The first is a small one to explore what appeared to be an area of rubble on the “nose” of the hill fort at the juncture of the River Wye and Cage Brook.  This now looks as though it represents the remains of a rampart that would have made the monument highly visible from the river.  A second bigger trench has been opened adjacent to the area of the ditch and midden fill that provided the bulk of artefacts and plant and animal remains from last year’s excavations. This area is again providing good results, with pottery, charcoal, and even evidence of a possible building.  The third trench is in what appeared on geophysics to be a large pit.  In reality it’s turned out to be a number of smaller pits. These are currently being explored.

Third Annual Guided Walk

The initial findings from this year’s dig should be available in time for the Third Annual Eaton Camp Guided Walk on Sunday, 14th July.  The walk is free and all are welcome. It will start at 2:00pm from the Eaton Bishop Village Hall.  Peter Dorling, Senior Field Archaeologist and professional lead on this year’s dig, will be the guide.  Peter will also discuss elements of the site conservation plan that has been developed.  The walk is part of the Festival of British Archaeology and is featured in this year’s BBC History brochure. It is conducted with the kind permission of the National Trust who own the major portion of the site.  Light refreshments will be served, and there will be an exhibit of finds from Eaton Camp for viewing at the Village Hall at the end of the walk.

Parking is available behind the Village Hall. Unfortunately, dogs will not be allowed on site due to the presence of grazing animals.


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