Community Archaeologist

The Community Archaeologist guiding us through the investigation of Eaton Camp is Chris Atkinson. In 2006 Chris was appointed to the post of Community Archaeologist with Herefordshire Archaeology.

He has done a marvellous amount of work locally for community archaeology.

  • Past Projects:  Garway Hill Through The Ages Community Project (2006-2007);
  • Stapleton Excavation – Lugg Valley Project (2006); Crafta Webb (2006-2007);
  • Community Commons Project (2006-2008); Gas Pipe Line (2007);
  • Credenhill Excavations (2007-2009);
  • Herefordshire Woodlands Archaeological Surveys (2006-2009);
  • Frith Wood Community Project (2008);
  • Ledbury Community Test Pit Excavations (2008);
  • Little Doward English Heritage Survey (2009);
  • Ledbury St Katherines Excavation (2009);
  • New Weir Excavations (2009-2010);
  • Catalhoyuk Excavation Season (2009);
  • Rotherwas Ribbon excavations (2010);
  • Catalhoyuk Excavation Season (2010);
  • Rural Media Royalist and Roundheads Project (2010).

Current projects and project planning:

  • Old Bredenbury Community Project (2010-2011);
  • Herefordshire Aerial Archaeological Survey (2008-2011);
  • Medieval Bredwardine Community Project (2011-2012);
  • Dinedor and Lower Bullingham Landscape Investigation (2011-2012);
  • And now, the Eaton Camp Community Project.

We all look forward to learning much from Chirs’ past experience and expertise.


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