2012 Events

All talks are at the Eaton Bishop Village Hall from 7:30pm.  £3 for non-members, free for members. Light refreshments at the end, all profits in support of ECHS.


25th January 2012

“Early Edged Weapons of Herefordshire”

Learn how weapons from flint to the Bronze Age were made and the evidence of them we have around us.

Speaker: David Stevens
Social History Collections Officer
Hereford Museum Resource & learning Centre

28th March 2012

“Pre-Historic Trade in West Midland History”

Locally found Neolithic axe heads, Bronze Age cattle teeth and Iron Age salt containers all have stories to tell about trade in the prehistory of the West Midlands. Come join us for a fun and practical look at this evidence.

Speaker: Samantha Craig
Collections Officer for Documentation
Herefordshire Heritage Services

25th April 2012: Annual General Meeting

all welcome

27th June 2012

“Going Potty: A history of pottery from the Bronze Age to Victorian Times”

Introducing techniques of pottery making from 4000 years ago to now: where pots were made, what they were used for and what you might find where you live. Samples of pottery will be available for handling.

Speaker. Judith Stevenson
Senior Collections Officer
Herefordshire Heritage Services

15th July 2012

Annual Eaton Camp Hill Fort Guided Walk

To celebrate the British Festival of Archaeology in conjunction with the National Trust. Light refreshments at the end, all profits in support of ECHS

24th October 2012

“How do I know if I’ve found treasure in my garden?”

Herefordshire is rich in history, with evidence of Prehistoric, Roman, Medieval, and more modern periods turning up in our fields and gardens. Learn how the Portable Antiquities Scheme (www.finds.org.uk) can help identify, value, and preserve what we uncover. Lots of local examples of exciting finds.

Speaker: Peter Reavill
Finds Liaison Officer
Shropshire and Herefordshire
Portable Antiquities Scheme


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